“How You Can Start A LEGAL Porn Business”

Listen As Porn Attorney, AJ. Comparetto, explains how “How To Get Start A Legal Porn Business For Fun & Profit

Learn how people all over America are already doing it Safely and Legally, from the PRIVACY of their own home town.

The Porn Business has changed – Normal people in towns and cities all across America are starting profitable porn businesses. Wealth is being made, and new careers being launched by starting a porn business.   No other business changes as much, or as rapidly as the porn business.   The great thing about starting a porn business is that you do not need any special licenses, fancy equipment, or training. YOU DO NEED TO BE 100% LEGAL – plus new porn businesses or porn producer needs the right connections too!

Starting a Porn Business is Simple, Fun, and Sexy … but most people who start a porn business put themselves at risk by NOT understanding the Federal Laws that regulate them. If you fail to comply with the laws you could be arrested and go to jail.

Please take this warning right now: you need to be informed and get the basic information immediately. I provide this basic information to everyone, free of charge, so there are NO EXCUSES.

All I ask is that you be 100% serious, and join our Porn Business Newsletter. If this is your first time to this web site simply follow the link “Click Here To Start Your Porn Business“ at the top of the page.

It is important for you to understand that we have successful clients all over the world. Of course you can be successful in your own porn business – Full Time or Part Time – but you have to follow the rules. Especially if you are doing this mostly for “fun” … you must use our “Advanced Privacy and Reputation Strategies.” Never let your “Fun Life” destroy your “Real Life.” Click the link at the top of the page to begin now.

He started his own porn company and films international models

The Porn Industry Continues To Grow – How To Get Your Slice Of The Pie

We all know that the porn film industry is an exciting, glamorous, fun and profitable business. Clients of mine will tell you that it is a hard business….but that they love working with beautiful men and women day in and day out. Let’s look at the financial side of the porn industry and see what type of profits are being made. Take for instance the New York Times Magazine: It ran a cover story on May 18 called “Naked Capitalists: There’s No Business Like Porn Business.” Its says that: Pornography is big business–with $10 billion to $14 billion in annual sales. The author, Frank Rich, suggests that pornography is bigger than any of the major league sports, perhaps bigger than Hollywood. Porn is “no longer a sideshow to the mainstream … it is the mainstream,” he says.


I hate to burst your bubble, but without the right advice and guidance that this is a RISKY BUSINESS. If you begin even the most basic porn production activities (recruiting, interviewing models) you may be putting yourself in legal jeopardy. Be sensible! If you enter this business and don’t have the right advice and guidance you may be in for a horrible, painful and life shattering surprise.

I make two types of clients: The first I meet before they take their first steps. In these cases, all the formation, porn comapny/business planing, banking and networking is done in advance and correctly. The second, I meet when there is an existing problem. Guess which one is more expensive. So, even though you may have heard about the enormous profits that adult movies and web sites can make, DO NOT run out and grab a digital camcorder and start filming.

Porn Business Legal Tip#1 Protect your business ideas like Gold. Often, I have seen riches be created by a single idea. Unfortunately, I see good ideas get stolen all the time. Make people earn your trust and never let your guard down.

Your “First Step”…Finding Out What

is Right For You?

A STARTING PLACE FOR EVERYBODY: The “modern porn industry” offers many opportunities. There is room for almost anyone. We have tried, tested, and proven programs for everybody: “Rich Guys” and “Idea Guys;” full-timers and part-timers; clients that are motivated by profits, and clients that are motivated only by the sexy lifestyle. We have information rich programs that start for as little as only $99 a month … and, of course we work sophisticated business people too. Select the program that is best for you!

The Porn Business Handbook: ONLY $19.99 – Buy Now! This is a “Let’s see if you are for real” kind of product. We have worked to give everybody good, solid, necessary legal and business basics for the most affordable price imaginable. As an added BONUS, we included a special section “How to Be An Adult Film Star – Male Porn Star.” In this bonus, we detail exactly how many men have started a porn company strictly for fun, or to break into the porn industry as a male performer.


How To Start A Legal Porn Business – The Porn Business Fast Start Program: ONLY $99.00 monthly for three (3) months – Buy Now! You get the same information and coaching as those that attend our LIVE seminars. You receive three (3) manuals: The Production Manual (with 2 supplements); The Business Manual (with the 2012 Supplement); The Legal Manual with Legal Supplement Training video and transcript. PLUS, access to over 20 hours of expert presentations, sample business plans, and much more. The best part is that after your third month, you may elect to continue the modest $99 to enjoy “active legal client” status. Every dollar you invest in your information is credited to your Standard Legal Retainer.


Porn Business Legal Forms and Basic Legal Training: ONLY $97.00 – Buy Now!. Are you filming in your own home town? YOU MUST HAVE MINIMUM KNOWLEDGE of your legal obligations as a porn producer / distributor of porn content – it is federal law 2257. Additionally, there is the a) Model Release Form b) Obscenity Check List c) Lawful ways to recruit, interview, and manage porn models, and d) piracy, copy writing and trade marking issues. When you purchase this product, you receive a 30 minute consultation telephone call with a highly trained Adult Business Adviser. When you purchase this product, you receive one month free service of Vault 2257 (a third party custodian of your 2257 forms)


Legal Tip #2 Protect your privacy and assets with correct entity establishment BEFORE you begin any traceable activity. This means following a very specific manner of incorporation that varies from one person to another, and setting up your banking and billing accounts correctly so you can be taken seriously from day one.

Get A Legal Consultation With An Attorney Who Understands The Porn Business Before Starting!

We offer “flat rate” pricing programs that combine all the services required to begin an porn company – porn business. Over the years, we have found that this approach is more fair and cost effective for adult entrepreneurs because it eliminates incremental billing that quickly balloons with the rate is $400 / hour. In most cases, the types of services are almost predictable; thus we most often recommend the “Standard Legal Retainer” with a fee of only $2,500. For porn business plans that are either innovative, or more risk intensive, we often recommend Mr. Comparetto’s Private Mentor Program that provides greater oversight and networking. The “Private Mentor Programs” is offers at a fee of $5,000.

All “active legal clients” are welcome to attend our Porn Seminars and Industry Networking Events. These workshops give hours of group delivered legal advise and consultation. They also go beyond the legal subjects to include vital business trends and solutions. These events, along with our Adult Industry training manuals and instructional videos are provided FREE of charge to all new legal clients.

Contact our offices to schedule a “no obligation” telephone consultation when you are ready to begin: 888-412-3858.

Porn Business Start Up Checklist

Legal Review and preparation of the proper adult/porn legal releases and contracts for all porn performers in your films -

  • Legal guidance on interviewing porn models – saying the wrong thing can get you arrested
  • Includes instruction of age verification techniques and use of the model release form
  • Set up and review of federal law 2257 compliance records
  • We Includes instruction and recommendation of “third party custodian of records” technique. (This eliminates the need for producers and secondary producers to house and maintain records, and to have those records be available to law enforcement without notice)
  • Review of porn – related content for obscenity and legal compliance issues. (This includes all content prior to replication and distribution only)
  • This includes all porn content regardless of distribution type; internet, broadcast, DVD, mobile, etc…
  • This includes all feature content, membership and free content, and sales and promotional content
  • Preparation and defense against piracy and trademarked / copy written content
  • This includes programs designed to find and litigate against violators of trademarked material for the purposes of seeking financial compensation.


The detailed service offering of Private Mentor Programs are personalized per client



It is perfectly natural to wonder (and even be a little intimidated by the sheer sexy nature of the porn business). So, let me put your concerns aside, and let you in on a little secret – there are two teams in the porn industry: “People on the Inside” and “The Fans”. Once you have formed your porn company correctly, and can be taken seriously, all you need is a handful of well placed contacts to begin to fly solo.

Seminars and Networking events are open to all “active legal clients”. It is not uncommon for many clients to come to our events repeatedly over the years. The industry changes fast, and it is wise to keep your finger on the pulse of these changes. Besides, you never know who you are going to meet … or which business deals you may be able to explore because of “chance meetings.”

Request our calendar of seminar including the annual Porn Entertainment Awards seminar held in Las Vegas during the Internext Convention and the AVN. If you want to become a client of the firm and receive all the advanced booking information, call 888-412-3858.

Ask Yourself A Honest Question?

If you are at the bottom of this page, you are serious about learning and determining if the porn industry is right for you. I encourage you to continue doing your homework. But are you in the 2% that can take action and fulfill your dreams? The more you dig around, the more you will come to realize what a rare resource you have stumbled upon here. As I look back on the 15 years I have represented successful company, models, and clubs, I have to admit, I am proud of the fraternity of successful porn companies we have helped along the way.

I recommend that you get your copy of the Porn Handbook right now. Do not hesitate. Prove to yourself and me that you are serious. Then, I promise I will do everything in my power to inspire you, and to prove to you that you can really do this. The Porn Handbook has all the information you need to either get turned on, or turned off. Either way, you will know you have fully investigated this opportunity. Click here to get your copy

If you are still luke warm, or one of those people that have a hard time making a decision, at least register for our FREE newsletter by following the link below. It always blows my mind to realize that only 2% of the people that come to this page are able to take action, and turn their dreams into reality. But, those are the real statistics. I hope you are in the top 2% – I really do! Register for the Free Newsletter and see real life, recent testimonials byCLICKING HERE

Do You Want To Why I Provide This Information For FREE?

There are three reasons we are willing to invest in your new career and business as an porn filmmaker, porn businessman, or porn star:

1. I want you to feel confident in our materials and the help that you will receive from us. I have been representing and helping porn  filmmakers and porn web masters since 1996. I know that the difference between phenomenal success or mediocrity or failure is having the correct information. We give you the correct information, and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is!

2. I know that you will need additional help in this business. You cannot make it in this business without the correct business and legal advice, and business advisers (it is just not that easy any more). I know that after you receive our materials you will feel confident in our services; we will have earned your trust; and I will continue to grow my law business.

3. When I started helping porn filmmakers and porn web masters in 1996 no one else was providing this type of advice on the Internet. Well, the scam artist and Internet marketers have moved in and have caused a great deal of confusion. You may have seen cheap e-books, courses and manuals sold on the web. While some are adequate … most contain incorrect, and even dangerous legal and business information. I feel if I give away this information for free it will prevent some of the damage to this industry that is being done by the unscrupulous marketers. They can’t make money selling these cheap e-books at $9.95 if I give it away for free.

Finally, my goal has always been to build long term profitable relationships between my office and quality porn companies. I always tell new members and clients … I can’t make money, unless you are making “big money.” The ugly truth is that if you are out of business within six months to a year I have lost a valuable client that will pay me for life. Therefore I am willing to invest in your success to guarantee my success.


A.J. Comparetto, Esq.
Porn Business Attorney